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For those that want to go into production businesses like making of yoghurt, sachet water, fruit juice etc in commercial quantity. You will need to get NAFDAC certification. This is a permit given to you by an agency of government that is solely concerned about safety of commodities that goes into the Nigerian market. The agency is out to safeguard the health of the public by regulating the activities of indigenous manufacturers of food and house hold products. I will show you the various stages of regulations and what you are expected to do before your product can be certified.
Conditions Required by NAFDAC for the estblisment of yoghurt,Sachet water or fruit juice company.
National agency for food, drug administration and control will clamp down on you if you start a sachet water or yogurt firm without an apporval from them. It is better to carry them along all the time. But before you invite them make sure you have adequate idea of what you want to manufacture. Do not just focus on the profit you will make. Think of the health and safety precautions you will employ in the manufacturing procesess.
When NAFDAC officials interact with you, they want to know not the skills you have poses in the manufacturing process but in the safety precautions you will take to safeguard the health of your consumers. They want to ensure that you do not put the health of your consumers at risk. They are not concerned with whether your product is tasty or bitter but so long as it does not harm your unsuspected consumers. Safety and health should be your watch word. You must therefore be familiar with the basic microbilogy of foods and water- food born diseases.
You must outline very clearly your manufacturing practises such GMP(Good manufacturing Practices), GHP(Good hygienic Practices), GLP(Good laboratory Practices) and GSP(Good supply Practices).
In all these you will embed into a log process called- HAZARD ANALYSIS AND CRITICAL CONTROL POINTS.
Here are some of the basic requirments from NAFDAC before you can commence a sachet water firm.
1. Fill thier form(purchase the form from the office)
2. pre- production inspection fee
3. Laboratory Analysis
4. pre-registration inspection fee
Personnel Requirements
a. Curriculum vitae and credentials of vital persons in the establishment including letters of appointment of
i. production manager
ii. Quality control manager
b. Organogram of the company
c. Certificates of incorporation of the company
d. List of equipment available in the company
e. Production flow charts
f. Reciepts for the purchases of the raw materials and packaging materials
g. Soap for cleaning the environment
h. Pest control and furmigation agreement with pest control consultants
i. Report of medical examination for staff in production and quality control
j. Copies of report of analysis from a public analyst including the agreements
all the above document to be subitted in triplicates