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We Will Empower You With Skills!
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wellcome logo In the last two decades one of the biggest challenges that Nigerian is facing is that of youth unemployment.It is estimated that 46% of Nigerian youth population which is about 67 million who have gone to school and have acquired one form of degree or the other are unemployed.Some people have called it a time bomb and I think they are not exaggerating. This translates to about 4.6 million people getting into the labour market every year. With this youth unemployment body Nigeria among all the other nations has the largest army of unemployed youths in Africa. It is therefore no surprise that nothing could be more important to every one of us than how to get our youths employed in one form or the other.There are lots and lots of parent and guardian in this country who have to gone into depth to be able to send their children or wards to higher institution and at the end of the day they find their children and wards sitting down at home without jobs to do.The truth of the matter is that nobody owes you anything. Your success after graduating from school has been proven to be totally in your hand and it depends on the following: 

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1. Who you know

2. What you know
3. How smart you are
4. What skills you have acquired and
5. How much you know about the information age.

Some few years ago Dangote group floated a vacancy for 100 drivers. According to the report in the vanguard newspaper a total of 13,000 thousand applicants applied for the 100 positions. Out of the 13,000 applicants 740 were masters’ degree holder and 6 were PHD holder. According Aliko Dangote the chief executive of Dangote groups: the applicants were all qualified and they all graduated from prestigious universities in Nigeria
Regardless of your background, times today are tough. It is incredibly difficult for many young school leavers to find jobs.
Regardless of age and qualification stretches of unemployment has affected us in recent years and this can be very frustrating to both parent and graduate in question. There is hardly any home you go to now that you don’t find one form of graduate staying idle at home all the time after their sponsors have expended huge sum of fund in training them in school.
While we may not be able to control being unemployed but we can control how to move our life forward positively so that the frustration of unemployment does not weigh us down psychology.
Seeking for employment could take as long as 1 year 2 years 3 years or even 15 years or more.
Most of the time it start like a joke and the time keep tweaking on. The longer you look for jobs the more frustrated you become. The psychology can destroy you if not properly handled now. That is why at sunshine resources we throw our concern at such people
What we are concerned with is how to make you keep positive goals and do not let the situation destroys you so that you can move your life forward because if care is not taking it can take a dramatic influence on you especially after you have bag all the degrees, burn your candle at both ends with the hope that at the end of the day you would live a comfortable life.
We are here to show you many ways to grow and stay hopeful using these lesson series. We will show you how to keep yourself busy and productive.

With what we going to tell you now: who knows! Maybe you on your way to become the captain of industries tomorrow i.e. the Dangotes of tomorrow
I always throw this joke at people.
What if Aliko Dangote was working with one of these ministries say, ministry of commerce and industries?
Do you think he would have accomplished what he had achieved today as an entrepreneur? The answer is No

So while you are waiting for employment this is what you should do;
A. Keep a schedule of how to explore yourself:
Unemployment is an excellent opportunity to get organized. It helps you feel like your unemployed time is spent productively
The fact that you are unemployed does not mean that you are a failure. You must guard your heart against evil thought. Keep your heart positive all the time. This is the moment for you to discover yourself; your talent, your passion and your skills.
Do not say I don’t have any talent, that is not true,
Every human being in this world is blessed with at least a talent. You must discover it by yourself.
B. Increase your skills
Looking for ways to increase your skills while unemployed is a good way to move forward as well.
If you do not have any skills then you should try acquire one especially with the information age it very easy to acquire free skills from the internet.
When you acquire skills your talent manifest as you display your skills. Take for example if you don’t sing how would you know if you are talented in singing. If you don’t learn how to play keyboard how would you know that your talent is in quickly blending musical notes together.
While exploring yourself you have to acquire skills, as a matter of fact your talent will manifest in a skill that you acquire.
Skills are platform through which your talent showcases itself
When you acquire skills it enable you see problems and the desire to turn the problems into opportunities to solve the problems and make money. When you don’t have any skill you will see problems as problems because you do not have means of solving them.
A skill can be anything you know how to do that can solve a problem and it can be monetized.

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