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Who Are Our Resources Meant For?
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.                                                                                                    Resources

At Sunshine Resources we pride ourselves in teaching young School leavers skills and skill acquisition capable of turning them into entrepreneurs.
We do this using our website and also our YouTube channel.SBG3
We also provide counselling to young school leavers who are not yet employed in our video channel talk series'' The Unemployment Clinic''

Entrpreneurship logo

This is a source of employment generation that must be encouraged in our society of today. There is no doubt that entrepreneurship activities have been found to inject positive impact on the economy of a nation and improve on the standard of life of the people. Research has shown of it positive impact and the stimulation of economic growth and empowerment of the less privileged group of the population. We at Sunshine Resources are committed to turning people into entrepreneurs by making them acquire the skills mentioned here in our various platforms. By the time we finish recreating you with our resources, rather that working as an employee you will prefer to run a business and assume all the risk and reward of the business venture.

You will become a business leader and innovator of new ideas and business processes. You will always be willing to develop, organize and manage business ventures along with the risk in order to make profits. You will be quick at identifying opportunities, allocate resources and creating values. You will see problems as opportunities and quickly take action to identify the solutions to those problems and customers who are willing to pay to have those problems solved. We encourage you to to take the Bull by the horn.

But we do encourage you to be a justified Christian entrepreneur. Hence you must be committed and discipline to the plan, purpose and promise that God Almighty has implanted in you.

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Close observation have shown that one critical thing that turn people’s mind away from business is how to get the startup capital. However this should not be so. Provision of capital should not discourage us from the great possibilities that can be ours through entrepreneurship

Capital is any amount of wealth required to start and operate a venture. Capital is required to pay startup cost, handle short term recurrent needs and to fund growth. This is also refers to as seed money. How much seed money you will require for your business will depend strictly on the type of business you want to do.
There are several sources of financing which include:
1. Commercial Banks: commercial banks have different loan facilities for their customers. One can approach them and ask for such loans. It is important to caution you here to ensure that you clearly understand their terms and conditions before collecting the loan. Some banks have very favorable terms and conditions while some have very hash conditions. You must take your time to understand every bit of their conditions before applying for such loan.
2. Trade credits: These kinds of facilities are also available with some distributors of certain goods or services where you can buy goods or services and pay at the latter days. It is usually convenient to start this way but this kind of business should have a good credit rating. In other word you should be credit worthy. Entrepreneurs in this category should show high level of discipline and commitment by paying the money as at when due. Regular remittance of such money will encourage the distributors to keep doing business with you for a very long time. This means that you are using other people’s money to do business.
3. Angel Investors: Other wealthy Entrepreneurs in our society are willing to give out money for people who are ready for business. But you must first and foremost show your clear willingness to start a business by probably writing a good proposal. A very good example of this gesture is carried out by the Elumelu foundation.
4. Thrift and credit cooperatives: Most of our secular work places have one form of cooperatives or the other. It is important for us to join them and make contributions. Such contributions when received can be used for investments. Many small scale businesses have raise money through cooperatives.
5. Partnership funding: this is also another common way of raising fund for business where different people come together and raise fund to start a business. In this kind of joint venture certain formalities will be made clear to all the members such as the partnership deed. The entry of a new member enabled the risk to be shared among more people. Partners must be sincere to each other and also trustworthy for the business to strive. Observations have shown that partnership businesses strived a little more that just few years in our society today before quarrels and disharmony sets in. This is because business partners are not sincere and trustworthy.
5. You can also generates capital for your investment when you become a participant with MMM- Nigeria
This is one of the simplest and easiest way to raise capital for your business. All you need to do is to register and become a member of the community. As soon as you become a member, then you can provide help to another participant. You will enjoy 30% in mavro growth every month. You can get full explanation when you click on mmm-Nigeria on this website.

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